Self Defense

We offer the option to incorporate self defense into your personal training regimen. Our trainers are Tae Kwon Do black belts with years of experience teaching self defense in individual, group, and professional settings.

Physical Training

Our Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) style of training is adaptable for all body types and skill levels. MMA includes striking and kicking, both standing and on the ground, borrowing techniques from various martial arts. Learn valuable skills taught through MMA and kickboxing while receiving a cardio workout like no other.

Psychological Training

While strikes and hits are important, the right mindset is crucial to preventing and defending against attacks. Psychological self-defense skills include spatial awareness, posture and body carriage, confidence, focus, and detection of predatory behavior. Many of our clients comment that the psychological facet of our training is even more impactful than the physical.

Women's Self Defense Workshops in Denver

We offer a two-hour self defense workshop developed specifically for women. Instruction covers both physical and psychological training, including common attacks on women and how to defend against them. This is an all-levels, free class offered throughout the year at our gym in downtown Denver. Contact us to schedule a workshop at your office, apartment complex, or location of your choice.

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