Personal Training

Our members can always count on workouts that are effective, customized, and progressive over time.

The Best Personal Training Experience In Denver

That's what we commit to you. Here's what we bring to the table:

Patented Machines

The unique mechanics of our multi-plane weight machines allow for resistance across multiple planes of motion. This means that the exercises you perform on these machines mimic real-world, 3D motion. Exercises can be tailored to mimic movements found in activities like rock climbing, football, running, and more.

The multi-plane weight machine was invented to enable better recovery from injuries and muscle imbalances. Loading and working across three dimensions allows our clients to train without pain and get back on track faster.

Workouts Based on Science

Our workouts are based on our Four Quadrant Model, a way to categorize every movement the body is capable of performing. If a person regularly executes movements from each of the four quadrants in their exercise program, they stay more balanced, experience fewer injuries, and make more steady progress than if they were focusing in only one or two of the quadrants. This video by trainer Nate Fryer explains the basics of the Four Quadrant Model:

Gifted Trainers Obsessed with Your Success

The KTC culture is driven by the unique relationships between our clients and personal trainers. Each trainer who makes it through our selective hiring process is an expert in providing one-on-one experience to challenge and grow their clients. Every trainer on staff was hired because of their own approach to functional training and their unique area of expertise. This means our talent is unmatched by any other gym in Denver. We only hire the best, so that you can experience the best.

Virtual Training for Travelers

Many of our clients are business professionals with frequent travel. We offer live coaching via video chat, so you can stay consistent with your training from any hotel gym, outdoor park, or even your hotel room.

What to Expect in a Personal Training Session

After an initial assessment, you'll be paired with the best trainer for you. Every one-hour training session includes:

  • Uninterrupted attention and focus on you
  • Thoughtfully customized series of exercises, planned out specifically for you
  • Continuous assessment of your form and energy level, with adjustments to give you an appropriately challenging workout
  • A combination of exercises from each of the four quadrants of movement
  • Progressive workouts to build endurance and strength over time

Ready to give it a try?