Nutrition & Metabolic Counseling

Nutrition is a part of the Kinetic Training Club culture. We host healthy chili cook-offs, provide fresh house-made protein smoothies after every workout, and even make our happy hours healthier with rum-infused protein shakes.

Nutrition Intake Assessments

Log your caloric intake for a week using our template and receive a personalized assessment with recommendations based on your goals.

Metabolic Counseling

We can help you understand your metabolism and adjust your diet and exercise to make it work toward your goals. Discover your basal metobolic rate (BMR) — how much energy your body burns in calories per day. Whether your goal is to lose weight, gain muscle, get more nutrients, or boost your metabolism, we'll coach you to your optimum intake.

Fat Burn Counseling

The key to burning fat is actually to burn off excess sugar through interval training. We can provide recommendations coupled with focused training to target body fat.