Kinetic Training Club is a place where experienced trainers can perform their work and perfect their skills in an upscale, clean, private environment with clients who want to be there.

12 Reasons to Join Kinetic Training Club

We created Kinetic Training Club to be a personal trainer sanctuary! We treat our staff amazingly well, who in turn treat our clients amazingly well.

Exclusive Community

Work with like-minded people who share your drive.

Career Development

Learn and train with experienced trainers.

State-of-the-Art Equipment

Level-up your sessions with our patented weight machines.

4 Quadrants of Movement

Incorporate our unique exercise platform into your sessions.

Environment of Support

Join a supportive community of members and trainers.

Health Insurance

Ask us about our trainer benefits.

Paid Time Off

It’s all about flexibility!

Consistent Hours

Tailored to your client schedule.

Profit Sharing

Be a part of our shared success.

Fun Events

Not just building muscle, but building a community.

Quota Philosophy

None! No quotas and a trainer first mentality.

Kinetic Kitchen

Sharing health and wellness in the kitchen.

Kinetic Training Club will challenge you, involve you, promote you, appreciate you, empower you, value you, and trust you.

Want to join the team?